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Gina Vetro, Independent Veterinary Professional


Aka G-Vet.
Located On the Effing Little Farm, Effingham, NH.
Services Available Worldwide.


My Independent Veterinary Skills:

Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician 

Licensed Animal Nurse


Energy Medicine:

Healing and Preventive Care

Subtle Energy Fields Analysis

Certified Medical Radionics Practitioner

Certified Reiki Master


Animal Being Awareness: Supportive Care & Preventive Medicine

Areas I explore and treat in animals are as follows: 

* Cellular Etheric Energy Analysis
* Emotional Field Analysis
* Radionics
* Nutritional Analysis
* Flower Essence Therapy
* Thea-Lite Therapy
* Full-Spectrum Light Therapy
* Sub-clinical Values
* Supplement & Preventive Care
* Animal Communication

My Philosophy:

Animal Wellness is About Awareness

Animals shall not be measured by man for our standards are set so low. We need a wiser more mystical understanding of animals. They are not our underlings, they are older and more complete. They are other Nations. For us to measure is to err greatly.”


As an Independent Veterinary Professional, I work with multiple techniques in integrative medicine on how to measure your pets physical health and emotional well being.

Being pro-active without being aggressively invasive is key to avoiding medical emergencies while maintaining optimum health.

Specialized in healing with a plethora of modalities, through system based on the philosophies of  Ayurveda, Anthroposophy and Homeopathy are key.

I have a unique understanding of measuring quantum energy, and the application of herbs, nutrition, flower essences, homeopathics and other supplementation for supporting homeostasis.

Gina Vetro, is a Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician: who graduated with honors and holds a degree from an A.V.M.A. accredited program. She also has a  B.F.A. from Parsons School of Design and is an accomplished pianist.

Receiving multiple  scholarships, grants and private funding allowed her to study eastern & western medicines abroad and in the United States including England, New York, Los Angeles and Santa Fe, NM.


I primarily work with samples of blood or hair as a “witness” that may hold information of monumental findings. Which includes such findings as a unit of measurable radiant energy that converts to electric interstitial energy in an integrative energy analysis. It has been my experience with lab animals including Macaca mulatta & Macaca fascicularis, food & fiber animals, entertainment animals such as race horses, and with companion animals both small & exotic, that common denominators such as anxiety, heavy metals, shock, allergies, parasites, hormonal imbalances, tumors, antibiotic resistance & over-vaccinating are common across the board, especially findings on sub-clinical levels. Working with a non-painful, pro-active analysis and discovering the climate of the whole being, as well as specific systems, organs, emotions and their blockages, is paramount.

I have a deep respect and a quiet connection with animals, something that has always been present in my life. As an AVMA accredited independent veterinary professional I work to create integrative solutions and preventive care in understanding an animal’s welfare and birthright to be as healthy, happy, and “wholly” as possible in their governing environment.


Kind words from clients (and their owners)

Norma Gina Vetro

“Does your horse suffer yet vets cannot figure it out? CALL GINA! My Norma is back, thanks to Gina Vetro.”

“I really think Gina is a miracle worker!”

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Case Studies

Equine, 24 yr old

Emotional trauma, disengaged, lethargic, not shedding winter coat, psoriasis

Read her story…here.

Contact Gina/Request a Call Back

I currently maintain a part-time position at a veterinary hospital. Please allow 72 hours for me to get back to you. 

Effingham, NH

YES! I do work remotely with clients! Geographical location is not an issue.

The EffinGVet
Gina Vetro
Located at the Effing Little Farm in Effingham, NH

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